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wheat & wheat products

Pakistan is the producer of the best quality wheat,  which has huge demand in the international market. But export of wheat is allowed by the Government of Pakistan only in case of surplus production.   

We can provide the best quality wheat & wheat flour from Pakistan.
We also export :

Himalayan salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is the best replacement of white refined salt.

We export the finest quality, 100% pure Rock Salt (Himalayan Pink Salt) from the famous
Khewra Salt Mine.

We deal in:

Himalayan Pink Salt Granules

(In 100g to 500g packing - Pouch / Bottle / Grinder)

Salt Lamps and Other decorative products.

(Beautiful and elegant lamps in various shapes and sizes)

Himalayan Pink Salt Fine

(In 100g to 500g packing)

Animal Licking Salt (Rock Salt)

(1.5 kg to 3.0 kg blocks in cartons)


We export premium grade onions from Pakistan. 
We also export good quality fried onions in consumer packing. 

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